Everloft Studios – “Experience the Movement”

Everloft Studios – “Experience the Movement”

The film is a music video that was produced as an advertisement for Everloft Studios.  The video focused on clear quality and well lit shots that would enhance the look of the studio.  Lighting was used to highlight darker areas of the studio to give it a more evenly lit feel.  Glares off of certain instruments and other studio pieces are used to add style to shots.  Overall, the video uses simple shots of studio work and the production process to interest viewers in recording at Everloft Studios.

This video will be placed on the main page of the website.  Today, people are much more interested in videos rather than just words, so this video will aim to capture the attention of the viewers.  This in collaboration with other pictures and text boxes will act to get more interest from the local creative community and to convince them to come record their own music at Everloft Studios.


Founded by Fred Keller and Joe Venango in the summer of 2012, Everloft Studios is the continuation of our previous project, “Skyline Drive Studios,” in a bigger, better, and more professional environment. Being Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media majors at Temple University and musicians ourselves, we know how frustrating and intricate the recording process can be, and we encourage you to give Everloft a shot. We have years of experience and will do whatever it takes to ensure you get an awesome sound. We’re pretty cool guys too.

Everloft is a fully equipped studio space that was created to handle any and all types of music, instruments and clients. In addition to the experience that comes with years of playing, recording, and performing we also have acquired a vast range of equipment.